Quaker Chemicals for the Mining Industry

This is one in a series of videos, for Quaker Chemical, each targeted at a specific industry they serve.

Qlik Natural Analytics

A promotional video for the company – Qlik, makers of Business Intelligence and data visualization software. The premise was to show how their software taps into people’s natural ability to sort and categorize things as part of our survival instincts. Besides doing all the editing and graphics, I also was on location to help choose the shots that would be integrated with computer graphics. I also composed two of the music selections.

How Teflon is Made

A 3D animation I created for DuPont showing the steps involved to create it’s Teflon coated pans. This was used for a QVC segment to help explain why Teflon is a superior non-stick surface. It was also part of a longer video, which I created, that took a more in-depth look at Teflon.

FMP Explainer Promo

This is a promotional video for the video production company – FMP. The goal was to introduce potential clients to the popular “Explainer” style video. I was involved in the initial concepts, scripting, and storyboarding phase. I then created and animated the entire video using a combination of 2D and 3D. I also edited the voiceover, added the sound effects and created the original music.

QlikView Amazing Tales

This was the first in a series of three videos for Qlikview, makers of business intelligence software. The client had the idea to show several case studies, presented in a “story-time” manner. I did all the illustrations in Photoshop with a drawing tablet, putting elements that needed to be animated on separate layers. I also composed all the music, with each story having a common opening, and then it’s own individual theme.


A video for the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau, specifically for their division focused on bringing science related conventions and businesses to the city – “The Greater Philadelphia Life Sciences Congress”. The video showcases Philly’s many amenities for convention goers, as well as it’s long history in the life sciences.

Quaker Chemical Holiday Greeting

A short video created for Quaker Chemical, as a holiday video greeting card for it’s offices located across the globe. The snowflakes were done in Cinema 4D, then composited in After Effects with additional effects.

SAP – The Secure Cloud

A video for software giant, SAP, focusing on the security aspects of their cloud-based “Business by Design” product. Done in the popular animated text style, with original music I composed and recorded.

FXI Promo

A video for FXI, manufacturers of a wide variety of foam products. The client wanted a video to highlight how important a role foam products play in a wide variety of industries.